Devils Staircase

south from the summit of the Devil's Staircase towards Buachaille Etive Mòr, with Creise and Meall a' Bhuiridh beyond

A path known as the Devil's Staircase crosses the range about 6 km east of Meall Dearg. Today, as part of the West
Highland Way, it is used primarily by walkers and mountain bikers travelling between Kinlochleven and Glencoe.

The Devil's Staircase was given its name by the soldiers who were part of the road building programme of General
Wade, because of the difficulties of carrying building materials up that stretch of the road. Later, however, the
road lived up to its name when workers building the Blackwater Dam chose to travel to the Kingshouse Hotel after
they had been paid. For the workers at Kinlochleven the journey to the pub often proved to be more difficult than
they realised and on the return trip, after a few drinks on a cold winter's night, the devil often ”claimed his own“.

In 1692, the path was the approach route for the (apparently delayed) troops coming from Kinlochleven to provide
reinforcements for the Massacre of Glencoe.




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